Lean Entrepreneurship


For the last four years, I’ve taught the graduate course at Carnegie Mellon University on Lean Entrepreneurship. Over the years, after graduating former students have emailed me for access to course material so all ‘standard’ material is now published here.


To provide an experiential learning opportunity showing how high growth startups and new ventures are built.

Course Description

Technology startups are not just smaller versions of large corporations. Instead they are unique adventures requiring their own approach to grow. This class will cover best practices for developing a startup with a primary focus on high growth startups.

While that is the focus, many principals are also applicable for large companies looking to grow by entering new markets. Also because most technology startups don’t fail because of technology limitations but from lack of market demand many of the principals are universally applicable to iterative customer focused development.

This is a practical class – essentially a lab, not a theory or “book” class. My goal, within the constraints of a classroom and limited amount of time, is to create an
entrepreneurial experience for you with all of the pressures and demands of the real world in an early stage start up.

Course Objectives

At the end of the class, students will exhibit ability to:

    • Generate growth in high growth startups and new product introductions in the enterprise by understand best practices at each stage of development
    • Understand the processes to efficiently validate core hypothesis at each stage for a given startup
    • Conduct customer discovery and development
    • Differentiate between different digital business models
    • Build and lead an effective team at each stage of development