• 9 Great Quotes about Data

    One theme that keeps coming up as I put together the cases for my Science of Growth course at CMU is how the companies that breakout and scale after achieving product market fit use data to inform their decisions.  

    Over the last few days I’ve been canvasing a lot of writing on the power of data and the recent emergence of data scientists.  While doing this, I came across nine very powerful quotes on the power, use and analysis of data from historical leading thinkers (Einstein) to contemporaries like Tim O’Reilly & DJ Patil.

    I put them up in a quick slideshare - hope you enjoy!


  • UX Week 2010 | Adam Mosseri | Data Informed, Not Data Driven

    We use data to inform certain decisions … [but] overreacting to data can lead to micro optimizations.” 


  • Nearables are here: introducing Estimote Stickers


    About a year ago we began shipping our first product, Estimote Beacons. Since then, we’ve grown an incredible global network of over 25,000 developers building applications on top of Estimote. Startups and Fortune 500 companies alike use our platform to build apps that change how we interact with…

    Awesome job by Birchmere Labs co estimote


  • Really well done short video on the challenges of early process of creating.  Every time I try something new have to fight through this.  It’s hard, but I think I’ve gotten better at pushing through the chasm of early attempts.   


  • photo from Tumblr


    #Socialmedia less about tech and more about anthropology, sociology… via @marissapick

    Well said my friend!